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1. Choosing Liebenzell USA:

Johann’s decision to study at Liebenzell USA was deeply rooted in his desire to nurture his faith. He sought to know scripture more, gaining a deeper understanding and exploring new perspectives from diverse cultures. Alongside this spiritual growth, Johann aimed to hone his English skills and embrace a multicultural environment, preparing himself for future endeavors.

2. Current Studies and Enjoyment:

Currently, Johann is learning of Oneism and Twoism. Oneism, where individuals perceive themselves as their own deity, contrasts with Twoism, aligning with God’s design and divine rules for our good. Johann finds apologetics particularly intriguing, as it provides a solid foundation for faith and offers practical insights into various aspects of life, including family and marriage. Furthermore, cross-cultural lessons enrich his understanding, offering valuable perspectives for his future interactions.

3. Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Johann envisions furthering his theological studies at a university, just like many of his classmates. His passion for working with youth shines through, whether within Christian organizations, as a youth pastor, or in missions. While ministry holds a special place in Johann’s heart, he remains open to diverse opportunities, embracing a future guided by faith and service. Johann’s journey exemplifies a pursuit of faith, knowledge, and cultural understanding, laying a foundation for a purposeful and impactful future.

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Reece Rice

Reece Rice serves as Social Media Manager for Liebenzell USA.