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Ana Lotito
Liebenzell Staff Interview:

Ana Lotito

Ana Lotito works with Liebenzell USA’s communications team as a communications assistant.

How did you find out about Liebenzell USA?

I have been living in this area for 23 plus years and my husband, Thomas, is a piano tuner. He tuned the pianos here at Liebenzell Retreat Ministries when they had them. He also tuned John Thompson’s piano when John was a director here.

We also befriended Taeko, an LM USA Missionary! I knew about Liebenzell but never thought to work here. But one day my daughter was on, I think, Facebook, and she saw an ad: “Bookkeeper wanted at Liebenzell”.  She told me about it, so I applied. And here I am. I started March 1, 2022, as a Bookkeeper Assistant, then as a Donations Assistant, then as Retreats Campus Hostess, and now Communications Assistant. I hope this is where I will stay. It’s definitely where I feel most suited!

Why do you like working at Liebenzell?

I like working for a Christian organization. I pray that I never have to work for secular organizations again. Liebenzell isn’t perfect but It is, like the church, being made perfect by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

How has Liebenzell impacted you in major or minor ways?

I love the chapel time and the messages received there! I have also seen many answered prayers here. As far as minor ways, I like the food that Mike the chef prepares and we get to enjoy!

What is your favorite part about working here?

I love the people that work here. I also love the quietness of working in the Farmhouse. It is very peaceful here.

How would you describe being a part of Liebenzell’s team to others?

Liebenzell is a Christian organization that focuses on missions globally and retreats locally. I can’t speak for others but I know that I appreciate it!

Reece Rice

Reece Rice serves as Social Media Manager for Liebenzell USA.