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If you would like to donate to specific projects use this donation form. For general donations, one-time or recurring, ⏫ scroll up and use the give option above.

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Prices with * are estimates and impacted by inflation.

Youth Scholarships

Young people often find refreshment from the world’s challenges and come to know Jesus while on retreat at Schooley’s Mountain. Yet some can’t afford the modest cost of $200 for a weekend retreat. Youth Scholarships will give these youngsters free or low-cost retreats. With your donation, you are making an excellent investment in a young spiritual life and eternal future!

$200 Each
Winter & Spring Project

Window A/C Units

For the remaining lodging on our campus, we want to install window air conditioning units (12,000 BTUs each) to comfort guests.

10x Units$599 Each
Winter Project

Ebenezer Parlor Area

Christian fellowship is a big part of life on the mountain, and people love to get together in the parlor of Ebenezer House on North Campus. To make this space more enjoyable, we seek to replace the old carpeting with new hardwood floors and repaint the walls.
Our desire is that this historic treasure be enjoyed to the max!

Winter Project

Lodge Lounge Floor

Likewise, the Lodge Lounge on South Campus is a popular spot for bringing people together and for personal quiet time. Here, too, the carpet is worn, and we will complete our renovations of this beautiful historic building by installing lovely wood flooring.

Spring Project

Double Cabin Restoration

We have another excellent opportunity to host even larger groups with an easy refurbishment of the unused "Double Cabin." With a cosmetic facelift of this building, we can add sixteen beds to the Southside Campus. Accommodating up to 200 guests on the Southside is something groups have already expressed an interest in.

Spring & Fall Project

Exterior Refinishing

After COVID’s 18-month shutdown, we’re still catching up on renovations and repairs we couldn’t do when our doors closed. We have various needs from building to building – from power washing to repairing trim and siding to painting and other projects. We know what to do and how to do it, but we need the funds. We are committed to working to get the buildings refreshed!

Winter Project

Dining Hall Renovation

Thousands of guests have enjoyed good meals and fellowship for decades around the tables of our large dining hall on the Southside Campus. However, over many years, all this traffic has caused breakage in the tile floors and worn out the serving stations. We aim to refresh our dining hall for the enjoyment of future guests.

General Need

Industrial Washers & Dryers

Our desire for all things clean extends to bed linens and “all washables” of this overnight retreat operation. We recently had problems with our current washers/dryers, so we need to replace them with new machines of industrial strength. To make sure everything is clean and crisp!

3x Units$4,676 Each
General Need

Commercial Vacuums

For the comfort, safety, and blessing of all our guests, we are determined that all buildings and areas across campus be clean and fresh. This is why we want new vacuum cleaners, commercial-grade – uprights, and handhelds – to reach every nook and cranny on floors, windowsills, and tight spaces.

4x Small Units$150-300 Each
General Need

Sweep-and-Mop Robots

Sweep-and-mop robots will reduce the human labor needed to clean large spaces, such as Beechtree's meeting rooms, Lodge's lower level, and other areas. These robots will advance our commitment to cleanliness.

3x Units$699 Each
General Need

Additional Sound Systems

A growing variety of meetings and conferences brings growing demands for sound systems. We, therefore, want to purchase two additional state-of-the-art sound systems – each with two speakers, microphones, mixers, cables, and stands. These systems will further enhance the pastors' and lay leaders' ability to share the gospel with their retreaters.

2x Units$2,995 Each
General Need

Guest Registration iPads

Registration at Liebenzell can be time-consuming for mid-size and large groups who want to settle in quickly. We need three iPads (with mounts) to streamline our registration process by establishing a new registration system and getting everyone booked in promptly and efficiently.

3x Units$598 Each
Spring Project

Volleyball Court Upgrade

Among improvements and additions in recreation, beach volleyball is becoming quite popular. And we plan further upgrades to the court with new sand, line markers, and observation benches. So, let the games begin!

Spring Project

Low Ropes Course

This group activity develops problem-solving, teamwork, and trust. And it’s fun! We’ve already had requests this year to install this amenity. And a small investment in “low ropes” will pay long-term dividends.

Winter & Fall Project

Parking Lot Lighting

For greater convenience and safety, we seek to install stronger lighting in our Southside Campus parking lot. Specifically, we want to add three powerful LED lights to supplement the existing illumination system. The cost includes LED lights, materials, and installation.

3x Units$500* Each
General Need

32 Foot Ladders

Tall buildings require tall ladders to maintain them. Our crews, as one example, plan to begin exterior renovations on the Ebenezer Guest House in 2024, which will put these ladders to good use.

3x Units$539 Each
General Project

Ebenezer Entrance Ramp

The entrance to our Main Office is our busiest walkway. To assist everyone -- visitors, guests, workers – we want to replace existing steps with an easy-access ramp.

Spring Project

Repave Roadways

People love to walk around campus, and it’s beautiful to drive around, too. But it’s been a long time since we repaved our roads, and many cracks and potholes are emerging. Repaving roads and parking lots will be attractive and practical -- and a huge blessing!

Winter Need

Work Truck

The Liebenzell work truck has served us well for many years but is on its last legs. Our mechanic says to replace it in the next 12 months. Much work depends on this vehicle, including snow plowing, and we would like to replace it as soon as possible. The cost is for a good quality used vehicle.

Spring Need

Skid Steer

A skid-steer loader is an incredibly versatile tool. Having one on the property would greatly benefit the farm, maintenance, and ground crews, facilitating everything from roadwork, landscaping, earth moving, farming, and building projects.

Winter Need

Outdoor Wood Boiler

With this wood furnace, we can heat our Guest House (Ebenezer) and Elim. Using wood from fallen trees on campus will lower winter costs and dependence on expensive oil. The cost covers the furnace and its installation.