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Emmaus Farm Community Garden

The Emmaus Farm Community Garden is open to anyone interested in planting and maintaining a garden. Register your plot for 2024!

Did you know that growing your own food has many advantages? Eating organic foods free from genetic modification and pesticides improves your health. The blooms feed pollinators, which are an essential part of our ecosystems. And then there is that extra enjoyment from eating something you grew yourself.


Small Plot


6×6 Foot Plot

Medium Plot


6×10 Foot Plot

Large Plot


6×20 Foot Plot

Register Garden Plots

Use this form to register garden plots for a growing season. Use of garden plots opens yearly on May 15th and closes in October.

The form may take a moment to load.

 Membership Rules & Regulations

Timeline & Schedule

  • The Community Garden opens May 15th of each year.
  • Cultivation must begin by June 15th and continue through the end of the growing season (October if weather permits).
  • The community garden site is open from dawn to dusk during the growing season.
  • Garden plots must be cleared at the end of the season (including plant material, fencing, decorative garden pieces, row markers, or anything else added by the gardener during the season)

Rules & Responsibilities

  • All crops must be legal to grow.
  • Do not use fertilizers, insecticides, or weed repellents. Emmaus is an organic farm.
  • Produce from gardens may not be sold. Gardens are a community service and may not be a commercial venture.
  • Harvest all ripe produce, do not leave it to rot. If unable to use, produce can be donated to Emmaus Farm or the Long Valley Food Pantry.
  • Gardens must be hand-watered. Bring a watering can, hoses are not allowed.
  • Keep garden plots weeded and maintained through the entire growing season.
  • Dispose of plant material in designated areas, a dumpster or compost area will be provided.
  • Keep all walkways clear of debris (including plant material, litter, and rocks).

Enjoy the community

  • Talk to and learn from other gardeners.
  • Family members are welcome to the garden site but must follow all rules and regulations.
  • Children are encouraged to participate in gardening but must always be supervised by an adult.
  • No Pets allowed.

Respecting other gardeners

  • Only pick crops from your garden plot. Unless you have made special arrangements with another plot owner.
  • Plant and maintain your crops so they will not sprawl into a neighbor’s garden or walkway areas.
  • Do not walk through or handle crops in other garden plots.


  • Public restrooms are not currently available.
  • Park only in the designated parking area.
  • Water is available from the tap at the garden center (bring a watering can).
  • Tool storage is not currently available. Gardeners are responsible for bringing their tools.
  • Emmaus Farm and Liebenzell USA are not responsible for lost or stolen tools.

If a gardener does not maintain their garden according to these guidelines, the community garden coordinator will notify them of the problem. Failure to comply may result in membership termination.

Contact the garden manager if, for any reason, you can no longer maintain your garden plot through the growing season!