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Field Internship

At the end of your Global Impact Academy program, you’ll embark on a 6-12 week* cross-cultural experience: your field internship. This is a chance for you to experience ministry in a different cultural context than your own, among experienced Liebenzell USA missionaries already carrying out the Great Commission around the world.

*Longer opportunities up to 6 months are also available.

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write any text and make custom design that you want to show.

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write any text and make custom design that you want to show.


Match your strengths to an area of service

Locations include:

  • Ecuador
  • Spain
  • Zambia
  • Canada
  • USA (California and Texas)
  • Guam

"One thing I didn't realize before coming to Ecuador is that how you share the Gospel varies by culture.

It is the same Gospel, but it emphasizes different things. What’s wonderful is that the Bible applies to all cultures!”


2021 short-term intern to Ecuador

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