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Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

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Donate Now

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Donate Now

Donate Now

Summer 2023 Pool Passes

Our much-loved Community Pool has required some repairs. We have begun working on these repairs and hope to have the pool open soon. We need donations to cover the final steps. If you feel led to help us reopen the pool use the button below to donate toward this project:

Donate to Pool Repairs


Pool Pass Required

Show pool passes to the on-duty lifeguard to gain entrance to the pool area.

Who's Included

Pool passes cover family members listed during registration only. All family members must reside at the same address.

Adult Supervision

Children 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 or older.

Respect Lifeguards

Obey all pool staff. Failure to obey rules or staff will result in a revoked pool pass. No refunds will be issued.

When lifeguards blow a whistle, stop, look, and listen. Three consecutive whistles mean it’s an emergency, immediately clear the pool.

Inappropriate activities

To protect from serious injuries diving into the pool is not allowed. No running or rough play around the pool. No fighting or foul language.


Bathing suits are required, and no other clothing is allowed in the pool.

We require Swim diapers for children who are not potty trained. Approved swim diapers are available for purchase for $2.00.

Flotation Devices

We only allow arm floaties and life jackets for swim training purposes. You may not use any other flotation devices.


No glass bottles, alcohol, or nicotine are allowed on the premises.

You may enjoy snacks and drinks in the grassy areas outside the pool. Please take all your trash with you when you leave.


In case of any viral or stomach illness please refrain from using the pool.