Imbila Nsuma / Gospel Wings Zambia

The goal of this project is to operate an aircraft as a tool to aid mission efforts in Zambia. A well-equipped and mission-capable aircraft can be used for:

  • Emergency air response
  • Food & medical supply delivery
  • Rapid, reliable, & affordable transportation

Gospel Wings Zambia exists to offer flights at close to cost of fuel, which we can accomplish by offsetting operating costs with the support of monthly donors. This makes Gospel Wings Zambia a much more affordable and realistic option for mission organizations across Zambia.

Gospel Wings Zambia will be an aviation service that is strictly operated as a ministry. This means that the aircraft will only fly on as needed basis, allowing the pilots and mechanics to be involved in full time ministry and only operate the aircraft in a supplementary role to their primary ministry.

In the local Bemba language, this project is known as “Imbila Nsuma Wings.” Imbila Nsuma means “good news” — and that’s exactly what we desire to bring to the people of Zambia.

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