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A Missionary Family’s Journey of Faith

In a heartfelt account of resilience and faith, a missionary family shares their temporary refuge at Schooley’s Mountain amid turmoil in their field of service. Since 2017, they’ve faithfully ministered in local evangelism, church planting, and theological education in Arab lands.

As recent conflicts in the Middle East escalated, the family sought temporary refuge in a neighboring country. However, their plans for a quick return were thwarted by continued unrest. Advised against returning due to heightened danger, they found solace and support in the Liebenzell community, securing a unit at the Retreat Center.

Facing the challenges of uncertainty and longing for their ministry, the family remains steadfast in their trust in the Lord. Like David, amid adversity, they find solace in praising God through lamentation. As they await clarity on their timetable, they seek prayers for a peaceful resolution and the opportunity to bring glory to God’s name in post-conflict ministry.

Through their journey, the family exemplifies unwavering faith and reliance on God’s provision, reminding us all to put our trust in our Lord in the midst of trials. 

Reece Rice

Reece Rice serves as Social Media Manager for Liebenzell USA.