Ecuador National Workers Relief Fund

Our missionaries Kevin & Kathy Bruce, who are church planting among the Awa people and Ned and Marisol Farnsworth, who are also church planting in a different location – the town of Otavalo, serve along with a gifted team of Ecuadorian pastors and missionaries. Together they are under a national mission organization called Misión Liebenzell del Ecuador (LM Ecuador).

Several churches and church plants, as well as ministries among different people groups loosely form the LM Ecuador. This project aims to support the local missionaries both financially and with prayer, by supplementing their incomes. The following faithful workers; Miryan Bedoya, Enrique Palacios, Walter Pullugando, Cesar Quinchuqui, Steeven Recalde, Alfonso Rosales, Mayra Sanchez and Diego Galarza are serving in the various roles of secretaries, bookstore clerks, lead pastors, missionary pastors of church plants, missionary assistants and lastly president of LM Ecuador.

The total average amount required every quarter is US $10,965. Please prayerfully consider giving to the work of the gospel.


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