Step In Benevolent Fund


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About the Step in Benevolent Fund

Support the disadvantaged, disabled, and elderly who can no longer support themselves in the mountains of northern Ecuador.

Often, elderly people in this area are on their own. Sometimes, in case of divorce, women are left alone with their children and do not get support from their former husband. The government provides some welfare, but it does not amount to much.

Step In exists to cover this gap and provide food, adequate clothing, medication and doctors appointments (often people have to pay when they are in need of good medical attention), repairs to damaged living spaces (such as fixing broken doors, pipes, or lighting), and sponsoring individuals so they can attend mission retreats. In some cases, we help provide wheelchairs; and we currently help support a pastor who has served faithfully for many years but now has no pension.

The suggested donation of $25 a month will meet their physical needs as missionaries work to meet their spiritual needs.

Suggested donation: $25/month

Updated 2024-03-18