George & Prisca Shakwelele

George and Prisca Shakwelele are from Zambia, Africa. They have two girls, Diana and Natasha who are still in Zambia. The Lord called the Shakweleles into full-time ministry in 1988. This calling was confirmed by church members and leaders who affirmed their gifts for ministry. In that same year, through the support of Liebenzell Germany, they opened a Christian bookstore. George’s main work has been of a pastoral nature: he served in different capacities in church organizations, particularly the Zambia Baptist Association.

Following George’s graduation from Biola University, California in May 2019, he joined Liebenzell USA as the Global Ministries representative on the West Coast. He is responsible for mission mobilization. Working with Liebenzell USA has created opportunities for George to connect with Christian universities, colleges, churches, mission agencies and their team leaders, which he enjoys.

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“If you are sensing God speaking to you to go out for missions, don’t wait. Step out, the Lord is looking for more laborers, and it’s exciting and rewarding to serve the Lord.” — George Shakwelele