Herman & Lois Buehler

Herman and Lois, though being retired, are still actively part of ministry. They describe themselves as “old” missionaries. Their work in ministry begun in 1965 as teachers at the Philadelphia Junior High School, a boarding school on Tol Island, in the Chuuk Lagoon. After six years, they returned home to the USA, where Herman did some graduate work and then they served at Schooley’s Mountain for a few years, before going back to Tol Island on Chuuk. There they assisted in pioneering MIBS (Micronesian Institute of Biblical Studies) which later became PIU (Pacific Island University). Herman served as area director for Liebenzell Micronesia, on Guam, from 1983 to 1988. Later, they settled in California, where they became involved with Pacific Islanders living on the West Coast of the USA and where their three sons could finish their education.

Their present ministry is among many island families in various island churches, which are located in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and even Hawaii. Their daily tasks include phone calls, texting, emails and visiting. Herman still attends the local island church in the Phoenix, Arizona area. They both rejoice in the Lord and find wonderful ways of encouraging family and friends in walking with the Lord Jesus and looking forward to meeting Him in heaven.


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