Katiana Konig

Katiana Konig serves in Malawi with Liebenzell Mission. A German-Canadian and pastor’s daughter, she studied International Development, Peace and Conflict Studies and International Education. As part of the International Development degree, Katiana worked for a year in a refugee camp in central Malawi, and fell in love with the country.

She returned as a short-term missionary with Liebenzell Canada and taught Kindergarten at an international school in the capital city. Eventually, Katiana joined the Liebenzell team as a long-term missionary and is currently serving as the bookkeeper, supporting the team’s work through finance administration. The combination of mission organization, German tax law, and Malawian tax law makes for a busy job! Katiana is still learning the local language, Chichewa, in between bookkeeping and tax payments.

She hopes to support the team in future by running teacher training at the village development project Ubwenzi and eventually would like to work with the Malawian special needs community, who are greatly stigmatized.


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