ZBA Luwingu Farm Project – Zambia

The Luwingu Farm Project was created in direct response to a severe drought that hit the Southern Province of Zambia in 2019 and resulted in extreme hunger and hardships in various parts of the country. Many people in the region came close to dying of hunger. Local pastors and missionaries, moved by compassion, committed themselves to help raise funds that would alleviate the hunger. With the help of donors from Liebenzell Mission Germany and others, they purchased and distributed several tons of maize – a staple – to hundreds of needy families across the province.

The pastors and missionaries desired to go beyond this temporary solution and so they sought a sustainable alternative. Since there is steady rainfall in the Northern Province of Zambia in an area called Luwingu, unlike the drought prone south, they acquired land there to start the Farm Project, which would ensure food security.

This project needs a start-up capital of approximately $58,500 in order to be eventually self-sustaining. By giving, you will help with the purchase of a tractor, plough, seed planter, agricultural implements, maize seed and fertilizer.


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