Masahiro & Yuriko Sasakawa

After 16 years of ministry activities in Japan, Masahiro and Yuriko were called to the greater area of New York City where more than eighty thousand Japanese people live. The Christian population in Japan is very small (less than 1% of total population) because the idol worship culture is so dominant. On the contrary, many expat workers and their families in New York have been led to a Christian church and come to know Jesus as their savior.

A great number of expat families from Japan, whose average stay in NY is 3 to 4 years, live close to the area of our church. Our mission is to lead them to the Lord Jesus Christ during their stay in New York and send them to Japan and other areas of the world. Many of them become good Christian leaders after we send them out. Since we conduct our “invite and send out” ministry in the expensive area of NY, continuous financial support is essential. We very much appreciate your prayer and support!


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