Roberto & Vangie Diaz

Roberto and Vangie Diaz serve the Spanish-speaking church from their home in San Antonio, Texas – but their outreach goes far beyond their immediate area, thanks to their online teaching ministry.

At the heart of their ministry is theological education. While many Hispanics in the US, whether native born or immigrant, receive a call from the Lord to ministry, it can be hard for them to access higher theological education without adequate English or technology skills. By teaching online theology classes in both Spanish and English, Roberto aims to make sound Biblical teaching affordable and accessible for future Hispanic church leaders.

Roberto completed his PhD in Missions and Evangelism in 2014 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas, and has a special interest in the evangelical doctrines of the Spanish Reformers from the 16th century.

Vangie, a native of Chilliwack, Canada, also comes from a teaching background. Her experience teaching in Canada, Kenya, Uganda, and Mexico, as well as kindergarten in the US, have prepared her to reach out to families in the San Antonio community through adult Bible studies and children’s ministry.


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