Steve & Anne Stinnette

Steve and Anne Stinnette are currently serving as missions mobilizers for Liebenzell USA. In addition, Steve has the role of Leadership Development Coordinator for the churches in Micronesia. They moved to Micronesia in 1979 where they have been involved in evangelism and discipleship ministries, first with Campus Crusade (CRU), and then with Liebenzell USA since the mid-nineties. In 2020, Anne returned to the U.S., and Steve joined her in 2021. They plan to continue ministry to Micronesian families in the U.S.

Steve was born and raised in Virginia, and Anne was born in Izmir, Turkey into a US Army family that moved every couple of years of her childhood, living several places in Europe and also around the United States. The Stinnettes both graduated from Radford College, where they also met. They have two adult children, three grandchildren and several ‘adopted’ children and grandchildren.


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