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Thank you for a successful MissionFest 2022!

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All donations will be used to support Global Ministries and for capital improvements of Retreat Ministries and Farm Ministries.

Liebenzell USA is a nonprofit Christian mission organization dedicated to serving God passionately and sharing Christ personally, locally, and globally. We rely on support from people who care about global missions and retreat outreach as much as we do. Our Global Ministries and Retreat Ministries are located on a beautiful 150-acre rural property in Long Valley, New Jersey. Your generous donations will allow us to continue our mission work!

Thank you for your support!

Guest Speakers

Rev Layne Mershimer

Rev. Layne A Mershimer

Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church of Chester, NJ

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Rev. Christopher Matthews

Liebenzell USA General Director

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Elijah Mwitanti

Rev. Elijah Mwitanti

Senior Pastor, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairfax, VA

[modal_popup_box toppadding=”10″ btnsize=”12″ titlealign=”center” titletext=”Rev. Elijah Mwitanti” btntext=”More Info” btn_icon=”fa fa-info-circle” btnclr=”#ffffff” btnbg=”#022f72″]The Rev. Dr. Elijah Mwitanti was born and raised in Zambia to Christian parents who nurtured him in the things of God from a young age. Consequently, he took a keen interest in worship, Bible Study and Christian fellowship, the setting which provided a connection with the Rev. Reiner Grossman, one of the two first Liebenzell missionaries in partnership with the Zambia Baptist Association. This connection evolved into a discipleship relationship which led Elijah to theological studies upon whose completion he, supported by his wife Kerris, served in different aspects of ministry within the Zambia Baptist Association. Needing advanced theological training, the Mwitantis moved to the United States where he studied for his divinity degree with assistance from Liebenzell USA. He currently serves as Senior Pastor at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairfax Virginia. The Mwitantis are grateful parents of a son and three daughters.[/modal_popup_box]
Rev Adam Jacobs

Rev. Adam Jacobs

Teaching Elder at Emmanuel Bible Chapel, Schooley’s Mountain, NJ

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Adam was born in the heart of Missouri, but he grew up in Oklahoma City. He became a Christian his sophomore year of college at Oklahoma State University and strongly desired to minister in the local church shortly thereafter.

Upon graduating college, he moved to Denton, Texas to pursue a pastoral internship program, where he met his wife Aly. Adam and Aly got married in 2013 and spent five years in Louisville Kentucky, where Adam finished the Master of Divinity degree and began the Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology, while Aly taught Spanish and continued her studies in Education.

Their son was born in May of 2020 and has been a delight to them. Adam and Aly enjoy hiking, traveling, reading, decaf coffee, good food (who doesn’t?), and walking their dog, Luella.

Adam has served as the teaching elder at Emmanuel Bible Chapel since September of 2018. Adam’s passion in ministry is preaching and teaching the Scriptures, as well as discipling others in the local church to do the work of the ministry.



Jo Angst

Jo Angst

Event Co-Host

Julianne Scala

Julie Scala

Event Co-Host

Master of Ceremonies

Rev. Mike Branch

Rev. Mike Branch

Liebenzell USA Global Ministries Director

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Everything belongs to the Lord

“Everything belongs to the Lord your God. The heavens, even the highest heavens, belong to him. The earth and everything on it belong to him.”

Deuteronomy 10:14 (ERV)