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Individual Retreats

Pastoral Retreats

At Liebenzell, we like to give back to those who give so much. We offer personal retreats for pastors. Contact the retreat office to schedule your Personal Pastoral Retreat.

⚠️ These retreats are for pastoral rest, not for pastoral/leadership group retreats.

Personal Retreats

Do you need to take time to seek the Lord? You’ve found the right place. We offer personal retreats that allow you to rest, refresh and enter in to the presence of the Lord here on the mountain. Study the Word, rest, pray, fast, seek, knock, and find the Lord.

Group Retreats

Group Retreats

Looking for a space to host a group retreat? Then Liebenzell is for you. We have the perfect space for your group. We have helped the following types of groups host their amazing retreats:

  • Women’s

  • Men’s

  • Youth

  • Leaders

  • Churches

  • Day Retreats

School Retreats

We are the perfect place for your school retreat! Your students are able to learn, have fun and rest all at this location. They will enjoy our walking path, our fields for games and fun as well as our swimming pool. Nothing beats sitting around the fire with your class and having a great time.