Martin & Jovita Pflaum

Martin and Jovita are serving at Amano Christian School in Zambia. The school’s vision is to educate students from a biblical worldview, as well as to provide an excellent education enabling students to excel in higher academic studies after high school. In November of 2019, Martin and Jovita became proud parents of baby girl, Jovita Elena Pflaum. A month later, Martin graduated from seminary. In April 2021, they welcomed their second daughter, Esther, and departed for the mission field in November 2021.

The Pflaums are filled with excitement that they can serve Jesus Christ through ministry at Amano Christian School and through building relationships with the students. Their prayer is that they would be both a witness of Christ’s love for them, as well as become trusted confidants to the students, for their spiritual growth. They are also interested in participating in and helping to lead the weekly youth group nights that Amano offers to students.


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