Stephan & Rebecca Unkel

In 2023 the Unkel’s left Liebenzell, we wish them the best in this next chapter of their lives.

Stephan and Becky Unkel moved to Toronto in August 2021 and helped in running the Toronto House for Liebenzell Mission Germany. Their primary focus was facilitating Liebenzell Mission Germany programs, including Impact Move, ITA, and the Mission Candidate program as well in addition to maintaining the facility.

Becky, who is a Canadian, originally trained as a primary school teacher and Stephan, a German, trained and worked as a farm machinery and auto mechanic. While this new position is a step away from their formal training, the Unkels feel called to and excited about the opportunity. They are passionate about discipleship, hospitality and introducing many people to the beautiful and diverse city of Toronto.

The Unkels have two daughters; Emilia and Elina.


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