Tesistán Church Project


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About Tesistán Church Project

A dedicated group has come together in a small community to establish a new church. Currently housed in a modest home, it needs a proper roof over the area where they meet. Your contribution can help us provide the church with a safe, secure space for worship and community gatherings.

The Ruvalcaba family started this ministry right out of their living room during the COVID-19 pandemic, a difficult time for many. What began as a small family effort has become a thriving church and ministry, The Biblical Community in Tesistán.

Liebenzell USA missionaries, the Amezcuas, with the support of their church, are proud to be part of planning this new community of faith. The Amezcuas have seen God’s blessing on this ministry and its members’ deep hunger to know Jesus. Your support in raising $5,000 for a new roof will be crucial in helping this ministry continue to grow and change lives.

Goal: $5,000

Updated 2024-07-01