Leotilia Ethel Laco


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About Ethel Laco

My first missionary field was Palau, where I served from 1996 to 2001 at the Emmaus-Bethania High School (EBHS), which is part of the Palau Evangelical Church. Liebenzell Mission Germany originally founded EBHS.

Next, I moved to Guam and worked at Pacific Islands Bible College, which has been renamed Pacific Islands University (PIU). From 2003 to 2008, I served as a Business Manager, Registrar, and Dean of Women. At PIU, I met and worked with many Liebenzell missionaries. I also took the opportunity to study, taking a Bachelor of Arts in Theology.

Between 2008 and 2022, I spent blocks of time at home in the Philippines, where I helped build a place of worship in my hometown. In Guam, I taught children through Good News Clubs and Sunday School. In Palau, I taught Bible and Social Studies at EBHS. During this time in Palau, Pastor Steve and Anne Stinnette trained me to do discipleship, and I was able to disciple students of EBHS. I also met another Filipino, Marites (Tess) Ngiraiwet, and we served together in prayer breakfasts, in discipling the EBHS students and ministering to Filipinos living in Palau.

Serving in the Philippines

In June 2022, I felt a strong urge from God to return to the Philippines and share Christ’s gospel of salvation with my people. Marites (Tess) Ngiraiwet joined me shortly afterward. We provide Good News Clubs, Sunday school teacher training, house-to-house evangelism, prayer meetings, and teaching for K-6th graders in a local school. We also host Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship and even started a worship service every Sunday. Our goal is to plant a church here.

Please pray with us, as most people here are very religious but don’t know the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Many are afraid to be buried outside of catholic cemeteries or of being different from the cultural norm. But we believe that with God nothing is impossible!

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