Palmira Church Construction Project

Phase 3: Retaining Wall and Fence

We want to build a retaining wall along the lower edge of the Palmira Church property to expand the level ground in front of the church and then construct a proper fence.

Estimated Costs

$6,000 Building materials: Cement/Rock/Sand/rebar/pipe posts/fence, etc and delivery.
$3,000 Cost of labor: two construction guys for two months

Total: $9,000
Funding progress: 10%

Please prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you participate in seeing this phase come into reality.


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Previous Phases:

Phase 1: Church Construction – DONE!

By God’s grace and the generosity of His family, construction for phase one of the Palmira Project was completed. The Bruces, together with their Awa church family, have a place to worship in Palmira! The Bruces are thankful to all who participated.

Phase 2: Building a Church Kitchen – DONE!

We are so thankfull to have the Church Kitchen done. This has allowed us to be able to enjoy a dry place for the ladies to cook and serve food for special church events and for each Sunday as we give a snack for the kids. We are also glad for the extra space as it also serves as an extra Sunday school classroom each week.